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40" Bleach Ichigo Bankai Mental Sword Katana Replica

40" Bleach Ichigo Bankai Mental Sword Katana Replica

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After the Bankai, Ichigo's costume changed, black and white stripes were added to the arms and collar, Tensa Zangetsu became more slender, and there were three protruding barbs on the back of the sword. The strength will also become stronger than before. Ichigo Used this new Tensa Zangetsu to cut off Ginjou Kuugo's saqi keli wasbesi sword and restore the lost dignity.


  • Anime BLEACH Kurosaki Ichigo's weapon, Hand-forged with high-manganese steel, handcrafted through 18 processes to obtain the best flexibility, high hardness, and high sharpness. Durable and not easy to break.
  • Over Length-41in, Blade Length-28in, weight-2.2 pound。(handmade Every samurai sword has a little difference in size)
  • Exquisite workmanship, based on original animation production, we strive to restore every detail. Great for outdoor, display, role play, collection or gifting to friends.
  • The scabbard and handle are made of solid wood, and the rope and handle wrapped around the scabbard are made of cotton, which has the effect of absorbing sweat and slipping.


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